Charles Brooks

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Charles Brooks, where music and photography converge to create a breathtaking symphony of visual artistry. With an illustrious career as a cellist spanning over two decades, Charles brings a deep understanding of the drama and emotion of music to his photographic practice.

Having held principal cello positions in China, Chile, and Brazil, Charles' musical prowess has taken him to concert halls around the world. Since embarking on his full-time photographic journey in 2016, he has become one of the most celebrated and widely published photographers on the planet. His work has been featured in prestigious publications including National Geographic, NBC News, The Daily Mail, Der Spiegel, The Telegraph, Die Zeit, Lonely Planet, and countless others.

From the exquisite halls of the Paris Conservatoire to the groundbreaking research facilities of the Large Hadron Collider, Charles' visionary works have found a home in some of the most diverse and captivating settings imaginable. Explore the stunning photographic universe of Charles Brooks, and experience the breathtaking intersection of art and music that defines his work.

You can see more of his work at:

Photographer & Cellist

Printing the CG-Conn Saxophone at 2.2 x 1.4 meters.
Performing at the Teatro Del Lago in Chile and the Opera House in Sao Paulo.
Exhibition at Lake House Arts Center, Auckland 2022.