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On May 21, a devastating flood destroyed our Architecture In Music Studio in New Zealand, along with our cars and house. Despite this, our printers remain operational. To assist with our relocation efforts, we are offering a 33% discount on all items.

Update: This discount will continue until we secure a new house and studio in Melbourne, Australia. We deeply appreciate your support during this challenging time.

"Stunning Photos Reveal the Architectural Interiors Hidden Within Classical Instruments”

— My Modern Met

"The astonishing array of shots, each compiled from hundreds of separate images, show in brilliant detail the 'vast and cavernous' spaces inside the instruments, appearing to replicate cathedrals and grand palatial hallways."

— The DailyMail UK

"...all of which appear more like buildings or public infrastructure than musical components."

— Collosal

Inside The World's Finest Instruments

Step inside the Secret Chambers of Music.
An astonishing photographic series by Charles Brooks exploring the inside of some of the world's finest musical instruments.

Photo of 1755 G.B. Guadagnini Violin. Signed Limited Edition Museum Quality Print. - Giclée Museum Quality Print - Architecture In Music

1755 G.B. guadagnini violin

1755 G.B. guadagnini violin

Photo of 1755 G.B. Guadagnini Violin. Signed Limited Edition Museum Quality Print. - Giclée Museum Quality Print - Architecture In Music


Museum-grade, hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Exceptional prints on Hahnemühle archival paper offer the finest color reproduction and detail. With a lifespan of up to 200 years, they represent the highest possible quality in photographic prints.

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Stunning posters on a fine lustre paper. Produced by the artist in New Zealand. A light sheen adds depth and contrast with superb colour and detail. These 16 by 20 inch prints will fit a standard frame.



Acrylic prints shine beautifully, displaying the full depth and sharp detail of each photo. Printed behind the highest quality acrylic glass sheet, to protect photos from dust, scratches, and UV.


Photographer & Musician Charles Brooks

Charles Brooks is an internationally recognized photographer, celebrated for his distinctive portrayal of musical instruments.

His Architecture In Music series is showcased in leading galleries and museums worldwide, and in 2023, the French state of Alps Maritime acquired a significant portion of his oeuvre for permanent public display.

Brooks' upcoming exhibitions in Bucharest, Switzerland, Stockholm, and California from 2024 to 2025 underline his status as a leading figure in contemporary photography.

Brooks' transition from an accomplished cellist, with principal positions in symphonies across China, Chile, and Brazil, to a full-time photographer lends a unique depth and authenticity to his art. His intimate understanding of music and craftsmanship resonates through his photographic work.

16 million reproductions

Architecture In Music has achieved global acclaim, becoming the most reproduced art series worldwide since 2022.

Reproductions from this photographic series have graced the pages of major international newspapers and magazines, including Germany's "Die Zeit" and "Der Spiegel," Italy's "Lonely Planet," the Vatican's "L'Osservatore Romano," and the UK's "The Telegraph" and "Daily Mail," along with significant exposure in hundreds of other publications across Canada, Korea, Iran, and more.

The photographs have made an astonishing 16 million appearances in newsprint alone, marking it as a series of extraordinary reach and recognition.