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Behind the Lens with Charles Brooks: Discovering the Artistry of Architecture In Music

Behind the Lens with Charles Brooks: Discovering the Artistry of Architecture In Music - Architecture In Music

Welcome to the unique world of Architecture In Music, a series where visual art, music, and photography combine. As the originator of this collection, I'm pleased to guide you through its distinctive aspects.

Introducing Charles Brooks: The Creative Mind Behind the Project My name is Charles Brooks, and I am responsible for the globally acclaimed Architecture In Music series. With over 16 million prints distributed since 2022, it has garnered immense international recognition.

My Background: I started my career as a principal cellist, a job which took me all over the world, in symphony orchestras from China, Chile, Australia and Brasil. Those experiences were rich in emotions and experiences, but now I'm focused exclusively on my photographic projects.

Location and Process: Based in New Zealand, the Architecture In Music collection is developed through daily dedication, capturing the interplay of light and shadow, and utilizing advanced photographic techniques. I'm constantly exploring the boundaries of digital photography, experimenting with new sensor technologies and adapting techniques from other fields such as medical imagery and astrophotography.

Partnership with SKAR Image Lab: To realize my creative vision, I collaborate with SKAR Image Lab, a top-tier printing company in New Zealand. Their expertise has elevated my work, producing prints that are visual masterpieces.

Exclusive Prints Printed on high-quality Hahnemule Photo Rag: The prints feature a matte finish, which brings out the texture of the portrayed instruments. Each print is personally signed and dated on the back, and comes with a certificate bearing an embossing stamp for verification.

Affordable Options: Understanding the wide-ranging appreciation for music and art, I offer poster prints as well. These cost-effective options are designed to fit standard frames and are printed on glossy paper, featuring the name of the instrument and the series.

Your Feedback is Welcome Your input and questions are valued. This blog serves as a platform for dialogue, information sharing, and community building. Feel free to immerse yourself in the world of Architecture In Music and join the conversation.

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